Dr. Kusuma and Hip Resurfacing

Dr. Kusuma has extensive training in hip resurfacing, and has a long history of experience with this procedure. He was first exposed to the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure in 2007 during his fellowship at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Dr. Kusuma had the privilege of working with surgeons at Rush University who performed some of the very first Birmingham Hip Resurfacings in the United States and was able to perform a large number of these procedures during this initial experience.

Upon completion of his fellowship at Rush University, Dr. Kusuma remained very interested in hip resurfacing and traveled to the United Kingdom for a four month fellowship specifically in hip resurfacing, where he received training from three renowned experts in hip resurfacing – Mr. Derek McMinn, Mr. Ronan Treacy, and Mr. Andrew Manktelow. Again, during this special hip resurfacing fellowship, Dr. Kusuma was able to perform large numbers of hip resurfacings under the guidance and tutelage of these world experts.

After completing this training, Dr. Kusuma commenced practice in Columbus, Ohio and immediately began performing hip resurfacings with excellent results. Since that time, Dr. Kusuma has performed hundreds of Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedures. He is often asked to lecture on this topic, and also frequently has surgeons visit him to learn this technique. He continues to perform large numbers of hip resurfacings with adherence to the techniques he learned in his initial training and with excellent results.