Dr. Sharat Kusuma is a licensed, fellowship-trained, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery certified, subspecialist orthopaedic surgeon. His passion and expertise focus on treating end stage arthritis of the hip and knee with bone conserving solutions such as partial knee replacement and hip resurfacing. His goals are to meticulously and carefully evaluate each patient and decide exactly what type of surgery is the absolute best and most bone conserving and function optimizing surgery for each individual. However, when necessary, Dr. Kusuma is also well trained and highly experienced in complex total hip and total knee replacment and has performed large numbers of these procedures for patients in who are not candidates for partial joint replacements. Dr. Kusuma has been trained at world renowned centers of excellence in the field of joint replacement. He has trained at such centers in both the United States and Europe. Upon your first interaction with Dr. Kusuma, you will quickly notice his personalized approach and the time and patience he exhibits in helping his patients understand exactly their hip and knee pathology and surgical and non-surgical options for this pathology.

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